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Why Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is the future of video conferencing

The video conferencing landscape is going through a paradigm shift. Room-to-room collaboration is getting replaced by room-to-remote or room-to-any-device collaboration. Interoperability has made conferencing a lot easier, not everyone is required to be using the same system. A lot of this can be attributed to the new kid on the block - the Virtual Meeting Room (VMR). VMR has made enterprise-grade, HD quality visual collaboration at any time on any device possible. What is VMR? What values does it deliver? How is it different from hardware-driven video conferencing solutions?

We have covered this in our webinar "Why Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is the future of video conferencing".

In this webinar, we have touched upon:

  • What is VMR?
  • Why do you need a VMR?
  • The technology behind it
  • The technology advantages over hardware-based solutions
  • Creating VMR
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