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Critical issues that were identified at Level 2 are processed at this stage and are resolved by deploying our rich knowledge base and deep domain expertise. Our application support services team also investigates time-scheduled software maintenance loads for critical, major, and minor defects. Also, quality assurance testing of maintenance loads is provided before delivery. We could create and implement the processes in a way that reduces costs.

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of Defects

Defects that were identified at Level 2 are analyzed and studied by our expert team. At TAC Level 3, these defects are fixed, and their recurrence possibilities are minimized.

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Development of software patches

Our excellence-driven service team takes care of all the software patch development work like fixing a software bug, upgrading the software if required, and addressing software stability issues and security vulnerabilities.

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A service level agreement, or SLA, is a must to ensure that customers know what they are paying for. It helps in resource planning and optimization as customers can be bucketed based on the plans they have chosen.

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