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Today, organizations are looking for ways to maximize business protection and increase user productivity. To meet the operational requirements, they expect their business communication tools to perform as intended.

Therefore, with ongoing software updates and new software releases of business collaboration, WCS India Support Services help you reduce risks, enhance business functionality and ensure operational proficiency. Our experienced and knowledgeable technical resources help widen the business value of our clients and ensure that they get a maximum return on their investment.

Installation and Commissioning Services

We identify the pulse of the system and then deliver the premium installation and commissioning services accordingly. From the concept of software installation to complete configuration, we are your IT partners to exceed all your expectations.

Get secure software installation and commissioning services after pre-defined quality checks!

Icon for ISO Certified

ISO Certified

ISO certified for timely execution & quality management of projects.

Icon for Project Management

Project Management

Process-Driven project management. Monitoring of all Installation & Commissioning stages by experts.

Icon for Certified Professionals

Certified Professionals

Our tech people are OEM certified and entirely briefed on the latest hacks of technology that ensure complete accuracy.

Icon for Compatible with other Applications

Compatible with other Applications

Successfully configured the software in the system without compromising the functionality and security of other applications.

Icon for Design Services


Mapping out the most promising design of the solution that addresses all the organization’s requirements and delivers best practice.

End-to-End IT Support Services

The modern IT world witnesses the presence of organizations more into the customer-centric experience rather than solution provisioning. Thus, we focus on delivering versatile technical support and solutions to all communication business ventures. Our helpdesk support team is available to give you help, regarding the network, system management, security threat, and other on-premise & cloud services.

Icon for Regular Software Updates

Regular Software Updates

Rolled out the software installation and configuration process in sync with all the latest regular software updates.

Icon for After-Sales Maintenance

After-Sales Maintenance

Our proactive engineers offer you customized maintenance services that will dramatically improve the performance.

Icon for Certified Professionals

OEM Certified Engineers

We make sure that your system is in good hands with the right expertise. All our engineers are OEM certified and will serve you to the fullest.

Icon for Personnel Recruitment


We also help our clients select professionally qualified & experienced candidates to extend their team who will contribute to the success of their organization.

Icon for Fully Automated Ticket Management System

Fully Automated Ticket Management System

Our request-and-response process is integrated with an automated ticket management system that monitors the current status and ensures on-time delivery.

Training Program

User and admin level training for customers in a professional manner by certified trainers.

Icon for User Training

User Training

Comprehensive training program for end users at the clients’ end.

Icon for Technical Training

Technical Training

Advanced level training program for the administrator.

Proactive Managed IT Services

WCS India offers a comprehensive suite of fully secured Managed IT Services to take all the burden of managing IT infrastructure, enabling you to focus on the core tasks of your organizations. With a user-centric approach, we provide enterprise-ready services that vary from infrastructure management to robust monitoring to full-fledged encryption to storages, servers, endpoints, backups, and exceptional assistance at any time, etc.

To expedite your digital transformation, our solutions can:

  • Improve productivity while reducing downtime and delivering an enhanced user experience
  • Track your IT transformation projects fast as the BAU IT has been reduced
  • Scale and become flexible to help escalate and grow your business
  • Have access to more expertise, best practices, tools, automation, and top-tier processes
  • Leverage you by replacing the variable capital and operating costs with a predictable monthly investment
Icon for 24x7 IT Support

24x7 IT Support

Manage, support, and maintain every element of your IT infrastructure, including servers, and software to defined SLAs- by assisting you in all your challenges 24*7 and increasing your success rate.

Icon for Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal

Pitch your concerns or complaints, incidents, or requests on our portal and our experts will address them by giving you access to the service reports.

Icon for Proactive Patching

Proactive Patching

Offer proactive patching and protect your enterprise and organization against newly discovered vulnerabilities, such as security breaches or downtime.

Icon for Auditing & Reporting

Auditing & Reporting

Audit and monitor your infrastructure’s availability, health, and performance using the required tools and give you tailored reporting after a regular interval of time.

Icon for Identity and Data Security

Identity and Data Security

Stay up-to-date with industry-leading management tools for integration so that you’ll get standard encryption and security at all Edges, multi-factor authentication, device protection, data loss protection, and information security technology.

“The Quality of Service provided by WCS India is highly satisfactory. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business.”

Biju John, Deputy General Manager, WOCKHARDT LTD

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