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We provide enterprises with the complete set of unified collaboration tools that deliver High-Quality seamless conversations independent of channels and platforms, much desired by today’s mobile workforce. We have a wide range of portfolios – voice-based and video-based, IP Telephony, HD Video Conferencing, Presence, and Mobility, hosted and in-premise solutions suitable for all sizes of businesses.

A Comprehensive Unified Collaboration Suite

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IP Telephony

To enable users to easily communicate in any workspace using any media, device, or operating system, we offer Unified Communications offerings that unify voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks.

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HD Video Conferencing

We provide a remarkable collaboration experience for businesses of all sizes to connect with people in their ecosystems. We provide video conferencing which is simple to use and provides the choice of devices and provides choices from anywhere.

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We facilitate faster Decision-Making and enhance productivity by providing solutions to view the availability of your colleagues, reduce delays and bring people together in and across organizations in the most effective ways.

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We help with collaboration, video, voice, and communication with the contact centers which is a key component of the suite for real-time conversations everywhere. We also offer compatibility with multiple devices, apps, and operating systems.

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Contact Centre

For simple, comprehensive, flexible service for every stage of the customer support life cycle, we provide the perfect contact centres. Outbound contact centres seamlessly manage calling records, agent workflow, and campaign strategy.

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