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WCS India brings you the best enterprise mobility solutions that makes you stay connected to all your stakeholders, anytime, anyplace. Through an extensive range of Mitel telephones and tele solutions, we enable you to stay connected to your customers, prospects and employees. We help them to be innovative and productive.

With today’s diverse workforce and challenging work schedules, communication solutions must conform to the needs of individuals and organizations. It should not be the other way round as flexibility is now one of the chief most concerns for any successful organization. Whether it’s desk workers who need to be able to use their phone extension while sitting in a board room meeting or being able to access his deskphone from whichever desk he is sitting at, mobility is one feature that’s highly required for productive functioning. The communication solutions that are provided to users should not be a function of location or device. Mitel enterprise mobility solutions free people to perform and remain connected and collaborative with complete flexibility.

We help organizations across the world to perform to its optimum potential using our enterprise mobility solutions in the following ways.

Eliminating location constraints

Free people from location constraints while providing consistent communications experience in or out of the office.

Employees in a meeting using audio video conferencing

Leveraging smart technology

Deliver unified communications and collaboration capabilities by leveraging the latest technology.

Consolidating communications

Provide organizations complete control over all their business communications.

Improving customer experience

Ensure employees are always reachable and responsive to client calls without the constraint of location. This improves collaboration several notches above.

Employees in a meeting discussing with the help of Visuals

Solutions for Mobile Workers

Mitel communications and collaboration capabilities are available at a single touch of your mobile phones. Never lose contact with important people in your organization.

Solutions for Remote Workers

It can be an arduous task maintaining communication with clients who work from remote locations. To get the same experience and productivity from them as the other in-office workers, our Mitel solutions are your perfect bet.

Private Mobile GSM

Perfect for in-building or campus wide coverage, this service is best for users who have use GSM mobile handsets. They can access the private GSM network offered by us for better services.

Mitel Teleworker Solution

As the name suggests, it allows your remote staff employees to stay in touch with the office communication even if they are not in office.

Mobile Extension

This feature helps in integration of your mobile phones with our PBX systems to provide all the services optimized for your mobile needs.

Mitel Mobile Client

This allows mobile users to use extensions and short numbers in place of the traditional communication system they were using on their desk phones. This is a productive and time-saving solution.

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