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In the current scenario, demand for “remote work” has increased drastically. Digital transformation and IoT are moving closer, and interaction with cloud computing and SaaS-Based software has been manifold. It has raised questions about delivering the best user experience.

To improve the user experience, you need a tool for real-time monitoring solutions to measure its performance. WCS India offers digital experience monitoring solutions powered by Martello’s Vantage DX to get over the problem mentioned above.

Martello Vantage DX

Optimize your Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams reliability and user experience.

As per Gartner Report Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring

“Digital experience monitoring (DEM) is a performance analysis discipline that supports the optimization of the operational experience and behavior of a digital agent, human or machine, with the application and service portfolio of enterprises.”

Key Microsoft 365 Performance Benefits

Ensure 24/7 reliability for your Microsoft 365 services and optimal Microsoft Teams voice quality

  1. Discover performance issues before end users.
  2. Rapidly identify and prioritize critical issues impacting Microsoft 365 and Teams performance
  3. Reduce Teams services degradation and the impact on business productivity.

Empower all of your IT departments to deliver better cloud and hybrid services

  1. Integrate and correlate data from your existing monitoring tools and cloud services to design end-to-end service level dashboards for Microsoft 365 workloads and any critical application.
  2. Easily share critical information with NOC, Helpdesk, Service Desk, Service Management, Security, and any other stakeholders to bridge the gap between silos.

Reduce your Microsoft 365 Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  1. Achieve minimal MTTR.
  2. Decrease management and support overhead.
  3. Reduce Microsoft escalations.

Key Microsoft 365 Performance Features

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