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10 Call Center KPIs to consider for Success to chase you

April 9, 2017

calll center KPIs

According to the all popular American businessman and entrepreneur, Sam Walton, "The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary." Without a shadow of doubt, building strong customer relationships is like laying a foundation for evangelizing your brand name and to boom your business. This calls for a need to evaluate the call center performance to ensure that the customer's satisfaction is reached and productivity is enhanced.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the essential call center key performance indicators KPIs and latest metrics to keep a track of success for any enterprise.

1. Customer Satisfaction : What helps your customer stay stick to your brand depends on your ability to provide adequate solutions to their queries within specific time. This KPI can be acquired from different relevant sources. The call centers can conduct customer surveys to get to know whether the customers are satisfied with the products and services provided.
This KPI must always be considered to analyze the efficiency of a call center irrespective of the way used to deploy it.

2. Service Level : Technically speaking, service level is the percentage of calls answered within a specified number of seconds. It judges the potential of a call center agent to deliver the standard of service according to Service Level Agreement (SLA) given to the customers.
The service level KPI must be consistent and not fluctuating as the latter suggests that there must be a range of issues need to be resolved . It is a considerable barometer of a call center performance.

3. Average Time in Queue : To ensure that the caller's wait time lies within the acceptable range and the customer's patience is not tested, it is important to keep a track of average time in the queue.  It is calculated by the total time callers wait in call queues divided by the total number of calls answered by the agents. This parameter is used to judge whether your customers receive the adequate services from your team.

4. Speed to answer the call : This KPI is calculated by the average time it takes for calls to be answered in the call center during a specific frame of time. It also includes the time spent in waiting in the queue. Through this KPI, the managers can easily evaluate whether the team is performing efficiently and how easily and quickly the callers are accessible to them.

5. First Call Resolution : The customer is always in a hurry. So, he wants that the issue should be resolved in one go without the need to escalate, transfer or return the call. It has been observed that First Call Resolution is the most important KPI to consider to assess the customer's level of satisfaction. The total number of calls resolved correctly on the first attempt divided by the total number of calls in a given period of time. This is how you can calculate first call resolution. Undoubtedly, it must be considered the top most priority.

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6. Percentage of Calls Blocked : This call center KPI must be seriously taken into consideration as if a customer receives a busy tone when they try to contact, it creates poor first impression on the minds of the customers. You may never know, how gradually, it may put an adverse impact on your brand name. There can be two reasons why the inbound callers receive a busy tone :
1. Either the call center software is not able to handle the call volume.
2. Or there are no available agents to attend the call due to which they hear a busy tone.
With every blocked call, you are giving your customers an opportunity to interrogate your customer services.

7. Occupancy Rate : It is all about the proficiency of work done in less time. The call center managers keep a consistent check on the occupancy rate so as to make sure that the client gets the required services within the least time and also the call center agent is not overburdened with the work load.
It is measured by the amount of time that the agents take on live calls as well as completing the tasks associated with the calls.

8. Average Handle Time : This call center KPI calculates how much time an agent takes on call with a particular customer before disconnecting and offering them complete satisfaction. This KPI is most commonly analyzed to judge the amount of time a call center agent takes in satisfying the customer completely.

9. Call Abandonment : A customer's patience should never be judged. It is a common occurrence in the call center that the customers hang-up the calls before reaching the agents. Eventually, customer's retention rate suffers adversely.
Abandonment rate % = [Number of Calls offered – Number of Calls handled] / [Number of Calls offered] * 100. This will give you the percentage for call abandonment rate.

10. Agent Turnover Rate : This is an important KPI that every call center manager must take into consideration. It calculates the percentage of agents who leave the call center and work somewhere else. Not only does it prove conflicting for customer's satisfaction but also shakes up the call center scheduling and team morale. This is the reason why it must be tracked over time.

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