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8 Must-Have Features of Contact Center Solution (in 2023)

8 Must-Have Features of Contact Center SolutionSince the enterprises are becoming more customer-centric these days, they do not want to leave any stone unturned in order to provide complete satisfaction to their clients. Quality of call center services provided determine the probability of customers who choose to stick to your brand. This calls for the need to unleash the full potential of contact center services to make an easy pathway towards providing better services to the customers. Here we have tried to cover some of the best basic features of contact center solution which one must choose for their business.

8 Must-Have Features of Contact Center Solution

1. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD):

Automatic Call Distributor is considered as the backbone of the call center. Generally, the call centers are flooded with large volumes of  incoming calls but ACD helps in organizing things in a systematic manner. This telephony system helps in routing/ dispersing calls to the most suitable agent or the department within the company.

2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

You all must have experienced IVR system at some point of time while trying to contact any call center. After the IVR greetings, the customer is given the option to choose the appropriate field in which they need some help. Depending upon the selection, the call is then routed to the most appropriate department or the field.
Speech-enabled IVR such as Text-to-speech and Automatic Speech Recognition are also available for IVR routing.

3. Business Tools Integration:

Here is a way to revamp the idea of call centers altogether by integrating call center software solutions with business tools. CRMs, help desks, marketing software, chat systems, and e-commerce platforms are the most common business tools deployed. With this integration, the call center agent would be able to gather all sorts of information about the customers from purchase history, to voicemail, notes, chat transcripts, etc., in order to offer customized services to the customers.

4. Omni-Channel Contact Center:

The customers today demand receptivity and responsiveness in communicating easily with the contact center agents. Omnichannel contact center solution enables information integration across various channels and takes customer's experience to an altogether different level. Throughout the entire lifecycle of customer communication, the information keeps on integrating whatever the mode of communication is chosen for the subsequent times, and without the customer having to repeat the details again and again. Consistency is maintained and it offers an organized way of dealing with the customers.

To know more about the omni-channel contact center read here.

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5. Reporting and Monitoring:

A number of variables and real-time dynamics play an indispensably important role in determining the performance and productivity of the contact center. Traditionally, the reports and charts could not help in capturing dynamic information effectively. Therefore, today, contact center managers need interactive tools to analyze dynamic information. Dashboards, information portals, and dynamic visualizations help in giving a quick oversight of business dynamics, making comparisons by examining data, quickly identifying and resolving issues and taking effective business decisions.

6. Contact Center Analytics:

To pave a pathway to success, it is important to analyze and profoundly examine the customer's behavior and the updated trends and patterns that they follow. For that purpose, the managers must have access to comprehensive metrics including call volume, abandonment time, handle time, First Contact Resolution etc. so they can make data-driven decisions for a measurable impact on the contact center as a whole. To know more about these stats read here.

7. Call Recording Feature:

Today, with the increasing emphasis on improving customer service and complying with corporate governance policies, the contact center managers have realized the need to record and analyze customer's interactions. Furthermore, this dynamic information can be used as business intelligence source to have a thorough customer analysis and also sometimes for legal compliance.

Call recording allows you to live monitor your agents, listen to recordings, conduct quality control, record data for any future dispute resolution and much more.

8. Remote Working Capability:

The remote working is the present and future of workspaces. And, this norm makes communication and collaboration mandatory and more pressing. In fact, the distributed workforce needs to get connected consistently to remain communication intact. A softphone is one such communication tool that has the agile remote working capability and user-friendly interface- that implies no need of knocking at your IT team door. Simply, download it from the web, install it, and use it. One more edge- it can be easily connected, even configured with all settings of your workstation PBX. Yes, use your same contact database, PBX features, and the additional features of a softphone (HD voice/video calls, chat, conferencing call, screen sharing, etc.) on your device. You can get more elaborated information here- in the comprehensive guide of softphones.


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