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Mobility, BYOD and beyond

July 9, 2015

mobility, byod and beyond

A few years ago, if someone said you can walk in to your office with your personal laptop and connect to the corporate LAN and access information, we could have just laughed citing the then present network security enforcement and physically separated networks.

In the last few years, things have galloped multi-folds and BYOD collaboration (Bring Your Own Device) has taken a proper usage pattern today. Starting from the Network Perimeter security to Endpoint security, the entire scenario has adapted to the new change on the emergence of BYOD.  Users have started taking work along with them to almost everywhere, from a office desk to home, or to a coffee shop and beyond.

Yes, the computing devices adapted, endpoint devices adapted and network devices adapted. But still, there is one thing which is never changed. The collaboration piece.

Still, users have their mobile phones connected to public network for voice communications, their iPads connected to public network to do the collaboration. Still, there is a compromise at some point with the unified device using all these together. The office extensions never became a part of BYOD and the maximum advantage the user received was automatic call forwarding.

For an IT Manager, still the most substantial amount of budget is drained on voice calls. Even though the market is forecasting that voice will become free at one point, the driving forces of it is still going to be inside the data-center of the corporate house or as part of their private cloud. People are always in the lookout for a platform which can visualize voice and collaboration without compromising the security and at the same time offer the ease of BYOD.

When mobility is offered seamlessly on collaboration and voice on the BYOD collaboration platform, the advantages to the organization is endless.

  • More effective employee communication
  • Real-time Presence information and Collaboration
  • Cost Savings
  • Ad-hoc Video Conferencing

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Gartner predicts that the scheduled video conferencing is on the decline and more and more people will opt for the ad-hoc video collaboration. With this prediction on the pipeline, Mobility on BYOD collaboration becomes even more challenging for the IT manager.

The Solution is to marry the right platforms for the client requirement. Our Unified Collaboration solutions virtually bring any device irrespective of the platform under one single collaborative stream. This provides excellent user experience delivering rich video, real-time presence, collaboration and more importantly, the user’s desktop extension on the BYOD Platform. With a single device, user can make a call amongst the network, make and receive video calls all over the world to/from almost any conventional video conferencing device and collaborate any or many streams in real-time with multiple users.

The solution provides an excellent instant messaging platform, dynamic presence, video conferencing, visual collaboration or web conferencing, dynamic content sharing and much more. Built mostly on the open source platform, this gives unlimited possibilities to the user. User can even share a RDP session or a Citrix session with the remote user, things which have been a mirage to most of the conventional video conferencing systems.

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