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Must Have Technologies for SMBs/Enterprises- Is your Workspace Future-Ready?

Must Have Technologies for SMBs/Enterprises- Is your Workspace Future-Ready?

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – This saying is applicable to individuals, teams, as well as businesses.

While building a business, one of the most difficult and crucial aspects is to build a culture where people love to come to work. They feel more connected; their work environment encourages them to contribute more & perform at their highest level; and where group of individuals/team collaborates together from different geographic locations without feeling they are distant apart. In fact, this is all about the enterprise technology and ambience that can make or break the employee's morale, isn't it?

Evolving Flexible Workspaces

As business grows more, workspace needs to keep up with all the technological advancements so that everyone remains seamlessly connected, collaborated, and at the same time, more efficient & productive as compared to traditional workplaces. Following are some of the factors, which have fueled the need for flexible workspaces:

Online 24*7: Businesses run 24*7. Some work for their end clients, which could be located hundreds of miles away and some work on outsourcing models. Irrespective of location, the work should go on without any communication interruption or issues due to time-zone difference.

Mobile Employees: Employees need to work both remotely and on-site. Especially, mobile employees need to collaborate with rest of the team for discussion, reporting, negotiations, escalations, etc. They expect upgraded technologies so that they can work wherever, whenever, and however they choose, across all their devices.

BYOD Era: Now-a-days, people are not confined to work through their laptops/desktops. They prefer to do real work on their mobile devices and not just checking their emails or make a call.

Inter-Connected Teams: Organizations are more connected than ever before. Teams hold video meetings/discussions with other teams, sitting on the other site of the continent.

Alternate Work Models: Many companies provide flexible work options, like work from home or work from their client site or any other remote location. At the same time, they need to make sure about the security of the data transmitted.

Co-Working Space: A single desk can be utilized by multiple employees (working on shifts) through shared resources without any interference.

Business Applications: ERP/CRM/Customer Support/ Communication (Audio/Video)/ Collaboration, and other endless essential business systems often put a load on the network, which can create a network chaos, sometimes, if not handled properly.

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Future-Proofing your Workspace with Enterprise Technology:

1. Strong Networking Foundation

A strong network ensures optimized bandwidth utilization, right allocation of bandwidth to mission critical apps, and 99.99% uninterrupted network uptime. It manages all incoming and outgoing traffic, avoid congestion and gives priority to business critical apps. There are some advanced systems like load balancers /SD-WAN /UC performance management etc. which when deployed takes care of complete network.

2. Robust Communications (Unified Communications)

Employees should feel comfortable, while interacting with their own team or partners or clients, even if they are sitting thousand miles away. Unified Communications system goes one step ahead of traditional telephony and provides an IP platform along with other collaborative features for providing seamless communications and collaboration within and outside the premises of the company.

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3. Secured Network

Many of the team meetings/company data are confidential. When companies are providing facilities to employees to work from anywhere, they need to make sure that their confidential info is in safe hands.

4. Teleworker Solutions

Provision for remote employees to collaborate with employees within the company, as if they are on the same network.

5. Mobility Solutions

Solutions for on-field employees, who want to remain connected with the company all the time. Implementing BYOD gives employees freedom and flexibility to choose their own personal devices for work purposes.

6. Video- the Preferred Mode of Communication

Adoption of video collaboration is increasing day by day as it has numerous advantages such as make participants feel more engaged, substitute for travel and improved collaboration experience for distributed workers. Hybrid meeting solutions (On-cloud + On-premise) for holding instant meetings via mobile/laptop/desktop/hardware along with collaboration features like doc. sharing are preferred mode of communication today.

To know more about how you can make your office future-ready with upgraded enterprise technology, contact us. Our experts will design right solution for you to make your workplace future-proof.


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