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Why Cloud will be the backbone of the enterprises of tomorrow

May 5, 2015

Remember the  ‘Good old days’ - coming to work, opening our computer and listening to voice mails first thing in the morning and then prepare schedule for the day’s work. Well it sounds ancient, but not too long ago, we all were doing this and still marveling at what technology had been able to do for us.

Those were the days of desktop computer, connected to an on-premise server, and desktop phones. Even to establish this enterprise infrastructure, organizations were spending tons of money and resources to build and keep it running.

enterprises of tomorrow

For a long time though, this was acceptable and was perhaps getting the job done. Today, if we were to walk into an enterprise set up as detailed above, we would feel this to be a day without business communications - no phones, no videoconferencing, no online chatting and no contact center. Such organization would essentially be ‘off the grid’. When one consider this doomsday scenario, it’s easier to see how central ‘business communications’ has become to our operational set up and how it drives productivity.

But the big question is how to optimize business communications to boost productivity and enhance your business.

Today, with the availability of technology, deployed in architectural framework to suit every budget, business communications has become ‘table stakes’. If you don’t have it, you don’t exist.

In an increasingly connected world, where customers, partners and employees demand more access, connections have become more important than ever. Combine that demand for easier ways to communicate with the new capabilities that cloud communications offers, and organizations suddenly have the opportunity to dramatically improve business productivity.

enterprises of tomorrow

Amongst several available architectures, it’s ‘Cloud’ architecture, which is seeing a monumental shift in the way an organization is able to reduce costs and roll out new services quickly. What is the future of cloud computing in business? In addition to the agility and flexibility, organizations can seek better ways to integrate various communication options for more immersive customer service and easier ways for everyone to connect. In short, it enables an organization to constantly deliver better communications for easier connections that drive the business. With more mobile apps fueling the core of business productivity, there is a fundamental shift in the way customer service and quality customer delight is delivered.

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Why has ‘Cloud Architecture’ become the lifeline of new and emerging enterprises?

Ever wondered, if companies could have predicted, how much the customer service landscape had change in the last 10 years and more importantly, how much further can it go. The advent of social media and a customer’s willingness to share their experience online has proved to be daunting and sometimes fatal for some organizations.

At the same time, this has created an opportunity for organizations to gain more insight into how customers think and better understand their behavior while simultaneously shaping their customer experience strategies. Our Indian ‘General Elections – 2014’ had been a classic example of how social media had influenced voters mindset that delivered a change.

All around us, we see a transformation on how customer(s) interact with organizations. Now simply delivering good customer service is no longer an acceptable practice.  It’s about the experience. Today, customers are more knowledgeable about what they want and expect their needs to be met in the most optimal way. The best part is most organizations have started realizing that richest source of customer expectation resides within the company through their first customer connect i.e the call centre agents. The challenge however is on further disseminating it upstream or downstream. Having the right technology is key to unlocking the insights embedded in their daily interactions.

The new upcoming fast growing and successful organizations have cracked this puzzle and deployed the technology needed to unlock this information and further created tools to organize, analyze and gain crucial customer insights.

It is important to leverage technology that will help your contact center quickly uncover and share information across departments and across the enterprise. Technologies like call recording and speech analytics are a great way to gain a 360-degree view into customer interactions and provide actionable insights that will help in delivering on the customer experience.

By combining speech analytics with a call recording solution an organization can acquire the ability to quickly search for, access and analyze customer interactions—giving you insights into their preferences, behaviors, media choices and more.

Investing in your customers through the proper technology will help build your company’s future with a customer base that loves your organization, your people and ultimately drives loyalty.

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