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Contact Center Innovations and Advanced Call Center Features

March 12, 2018

contact center innovationsNew contact center innovations have come to the forefront so that now there can be no compromise made in achieving total customer's satisfaction. Their goal must be to fulfill the demands of both the customers as well as the contact center managers.

Progressive technological trends and contact center innovations are here to set up new future goals for today's business!

Let us see some of the New Set of Goals for Outbound Future Proof Contact Center :

1. Zero Dropped Calls : The outbound dialer is given a specified number of contacts to dial. When the number of calls connected to the customers exceeds the number of agents available to attend the call, it leads to dropped calls because there is no agent available at that time to attend the remaining calls. Achieving zero dropped(abandoned) calls feature is generally very hard to achieve with traditional call center technology.

2. Answering Machine Detection(AMD): The contact center managers need to make sure that the outbound agents are presented with live customers to increase the number of productive calls in a particular time. Many organizations look for AMD solution and that is Answering Machine Detection. This implies that the calls with answering machine will be automatically dropped by the dialer and will not reach the agent. But in this case, there are chances that AMD detects live customers as answering machine and the contact center managers may loose the potential leads.

3. Live Person Detection :

To avoid this situation as mentioned above in AMD, the contact center solution must have a feature in which there is Live Person Detection(LPD) instead of Answering Machine Detection. In this case, the error occurs in detecting the live person and the call is routed to the agent, it will be discarded then but there will be the least possible chances of losing a potential customer.

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4. The reliable Voice Platform Solution demands the blending of Inbound and Outbound calls. Active Blending is another such feature that must be considered. This implies that if the call volume and the work load in any particular team(Inbound or Outbound) is increased, the customer call is automatically transferred to the available agent in the other team.

In general practice, inbound teams are always kept as the priority because in this case, the agents have to receive the customer calls. So whenever there is a overload at inbound side, system automatically reduces calling rate of outbound dialer and load is shifted to outbound caller team.  In order to avoid any dropped customer calls, active blending provides optimum solution.

Some systems also provides Reactive Blending which is not as useful as Active Blending. In Reactive Blending, the system does not check availability of agents, it directly transfers the call.

5. It would be an advantageous and time saving thing for a call center agent to transfer lines between different queues. For instance, in the conversation going on between the agent and the customer, if there is a need arise to include the supervisor,or transfer to another department, then the agent must have the access to alternate lines with just a single click. 

6. Then comes a Personal Account Manager feature that makes a successful attempt in routing a customer, with some query to their 'usual' agent. It means that the system will always try to connect the customer with same agent again and again in order to maintain relation and better understanding. In case if that agent is busy, then only it transfer to another free available agent.

7Inclusive overflow:  When overflowing from one team to another the original team always remains in scope. It implies that system always try to find and match free available agents from the original team as soon as it detects free agent.

Contact Center Innovations are an extra mile to Success :

Any business is termed successful when the customers are satisfied and contented with the services. A contact center is just like a medium towards achieving the goal. Therefore, there are continuous efforts done always to make its infrastructure simple with enhanced functionality. Contact center innovations are empowering the business holders in uplifting the sales, bringing in a flood of productivity by providing a compete set of satisfaction to the customers.


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