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Top 11 “Smart” Hotel Technology Trends in 2020

August 1, 2017

Top hotel technology trends

Bid adieu to 2019 soon... Let’s extend our vision to 2020 hotel technology trends and find out how they will be boon for the changing hospitality industry.

The end number of innovations in technology have now created ripples in the world of hospitality. Today, the hotel operators try not to leave any stone unturned in order to provide an enriching guest experience. This is the reason, why they are inclining towards new, ingenious, and contemporary hotel technology trends that have set alight a blazing fire in the hotel industry.

Now, if your guests have come a long way away from their homes, they are in search of such services that would revamp their traveling and staying experience altogether. Therefore, this blog discusses some of the top & cutting-edge communication and technology trends in hospitality businesses that will rock in 2020. We will see how it will transform the way hotels across the globe do their businesses.

Top 11 Hotel Technology Trends (2020) Changing Hospitality Industry

1. Service Automation

Self-service is in style, and it is stepping up continuously. Rather than keep calling to the staff and ask for something, the guests prefer the self-service. And, the technology rewards us the automation tech to get all tasks done easily.

  • Ranging from check-in to check-out, everything will be streamlined.
  • Even, some of the hotels give the flexibility to order room service from their own mobile devices.

2. Remodeled Guest Applications

Trust me, guys, you will be going to experience a beautiful world of the hospitality industry in 2020. The specialized guests’ applications encompass:

  • Facial Recognition Technology for security & privacy, a level above
  • Conjunction with the electronic payments as one more way for verification
  • Mobile phone (BYOD) as an extension of hotel room phones
  • Daily messaging and wake-up calls management in multiple languages
  • The event itinerary along with the information of the meeting schedules
  • The hotel loyalty app sends the notification and then will instantly ask a question for sending a cab or a shuttle. This implies that the hotels can easily approach the guests as soon as she/he visits the city.

3. SIP-DECT is still Utile (Freedom of Mobility!)

It is a mobility enabling solution that keeps all the moving pieces connected (the devices with the receptionist, concierge, and with the entire hotel staff). This enables them to perform their jobs more effectively regardless of their location. Thus:

  • All the employees are reachable, no matter in which part of the hotel premises they are present, and it gives them the freedom of mobility as well.
  • Also, it offers messaging functionality for streamlined alerts. In case of any emergency, the employees will receive a notification as well as the exact location of the emergency. This may prove as a major point in preventing all sorts of further dangers.

So, employee, as well as guest protection, is also covered under this aspect.

4. IoT for Better Control (Mobile Room Key as an Example)

Transforming unintelligent appliances to the smart-tech-enabled devices to proffer more IoT (Internet of Things) perks, as Mobile Room Key and other. Let’s discuss:

  • A metal piece to electronic key cards to the guest’s mobile device- the technology undergoes changes. Now, the guests can lock and unlock their rooms using their own mobile devices. Fascinating it is! Even, some of the hotels have already implemented this tech, no matter it incorporates NFC technology or visual code scanning.
  • Internet connectivity everywhere- from a single device to appliance to all the objects. (Don’t forget to try different beautiful shades of lights!)
  • Enables staff and guests to regulate the energy consumption better
  • As a bonus, the guests can not only select their desired rooms, even get the keys for pools and spas, etc.

5. Room Phone and Mobile Synchronization

Just imagine, you check in to your hotel room and can pair your mobile device with the room phone. Sounds interesting! Wait, the best is yet to come. Let’s see...

  • Now, you have full control over your room’s TV, the fan, sound system, and even the blinds.
  • You can even request the wakeup call if you find yourself late for any reason
  • Plus, you will come to know when your laundry or dry cleaning ready, even if you are outside the hotel for a business meeting.
  • And, you need to take your business call from your room to lobby to your cab- the internet (wifi and 4G) will accompany you.

It’s true, and even some of the tech-enabled approaches are in the development phase or are active.

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6. The Bandwidth Struggle

People and mobile devices are buddies. Irrespective of it’s a leisure trip or the business one, a person loves to carry the devices, like- tablet, laptops, even an e-reader at times. While traveling, the bandwidth issue is common. They can’t connect and have to face the speed challenges.

  • To overcome this hurdle, the hotels must have a high internet speed connection that is liberal from the bandwidth issue.
  • If there are 1000 guests, make sure that the requirement of 10000 will be fulfilled.

7. Tech-Equipped Lounges

The legacy public places are transforming into the digital & stylish lounges, where the guests/ customers can engage with the technology on their own terms. Plus, you can also experience:

  • Direct Access to Wi-Fi to relax or to surf something important
  • Increased bandwidth and high surfing speed internet
  • The examples may consist of- restaurants search, special (or native) cuisine, a place to know the culture of that particular town, etc.

8. Tech-Equipped Meeting Zones

The current boardroom is far more than that of the limitations of the past. They are tech-enabled and equipped with all HD equipment and cutting-edge technology.  Before, it’s got late, make your hotel meeting space compatible with the latest tech that allows:

  • Flawless multimedia presentations
  • Video conferencing among remote participants
  • At times, the business people look for both options. So, get your boardroom fit for every business meeting’s needs.

9. Social Sharing and Listening

Social sharing is accessing social spaces with a free hand. And, this point is functional for both the hotel staff and the guests. How?

  • The guests have the full-fledged flexibility to share their feedback about a hotel & its amenity. Also, leverage the best offers provided by the hotels. Isn’t it amazing? Share whatever you like and enjoy the benefits.
  • The hotel staff should be updated on the social media channels through- posting relevant & exciting content to top the list of the hoteliers. To ensure that the customers will be yours only, the hotel people have to be proactive on these platforms and give prompt responses to any feedback or even complaint.

10. Voice-Enabled Assistance

If you want to shine among your competitors in 2020 as well, then don’t forget the voice technology. Why?

  • The voice search overcomes the tedious typing. Approx. more than 50% of travelers prefer a voice search to find out the best hotel.
  • This is the hands-free world and the voice-equipped applications are booming, like for booking and searching applications.
  • Apple`s Siri and Amazon`s Alexa are the lucrative examples of the voice-activated applications that are on the pinnacle, aren’t they?
  • Moreover, the latest technological voice illustration includes- virtual assistants, and they are smart, intuitive, and able to interact with the customers.

11. Cultural Immersive Experiences

Improved hotels’ experience is overtaking the hotels’ services. How?

  • The guests are giving preference to the unique hotel experience rather than the commodities and amenities.
  • Adventurous trips, well-being retreats, relaxing gateways, hospitable & friendly bars, etc. are the things that the customers are looking for today.

The Future is Here

Certainly, the newest trends in hotel technology are powering the guests by setting up an upgraded way of communication. By following these trends, the hoteliers would be completely able to unlock the potential of the hospitality sector. Undoubtedly, they offer an enriching experience to their guests and crave a name for themselves in the hotel industry, in the present as well as in the future too!

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